Make a Donation to Support the Animals at FVHA

Your support is crucial to providing lifesaving services and opportunities to the thousands of homeless pets that we care for each year. Every donation that we receive is used wisely and with great gratitude and 100% of every dollar benefits the homeless pets. Thank you for helping us to save more lives!

General Fund

When you contribute to the general fund you allow the FVHA to use your dollars where they are needed the most. In 2016 we’ll see 6,000 to 7,000 animals come to the shelter desperately needing medical care, housing and re-homing. Thousands more will require additional services. Your contribution makes a huge difference for these pets.

Guardian Angel Fund

Save a life by becoming a Guardian Angel or Anchangel this season. Your basic Guardian Angel donation of $40 helps support basic expenses – food, bedding and medical care. An Archangel donation of $80 helps with additional expenses such as veterinary care, exams, blood wok and dental care. You can sponsor as many pets as you want!

The Giving Tree

For a $5 donation, you can provide a homeless pet in need with a little extra cheer and warmth during the holiday at the shelter. All you have to do is choose a dog or cat ornament while visiting the Fox Valley Humane Association, our Pet Shop location in the Sears wing of the Fox River Mall or PetSmart in Green Bay, write your name and place it on our giving tree to represent your thoughtfulness. Donate with our PayPal account and we will have your ornament all ready!

Veterinary Wellness Center

The Center, located at the FVHA provides desperately needed medical care, treatment of long term illness and lifesaving surgeries and in 2015 the Center has treated over 12,421 homeless pets and provided almost 4,000 life saving surgeries.  Your donation will also provide vaccinations, preventative medications, and other medical treatments required to keep the shelter animals healthy.

Grey Muzzle Fund

Senior pets can be some of the sweetest animals but sadly a great number are still in need of forever homes.  FVHA will always make sure that all animals are given the chance to experience love and comfort for their remaining years.  Senior pets require more attention and resources than younger pets as most need dental work, food specific to their needs, additional testing, daily medications and possible surgical procedures and rehabilitation.  The Grey Muzzle Fund aims to specifically help older animals and ensure their health and comfort for as long as possible.

The Veteran and Pet Community Coalition

The Fox Valley Humane Association believes the joy and company of a companion animal is the lifesaving therapy or best friend returning service men and women so desperately need.  The Veteran and Pet Community Coalition provides quality trained companion animals that enrich veterans’ lives and promote good health and better quality of life through companion ship.  The coalition is made up of dedicated businesses and individuals who support second chances for homeless pets and feel strongly about finding a way to thank the men and women who have bravely given so much to keep our country safe.

Faithful Friend

Amazing things can happen when a friend takes small and steady steps for you. You can be that friend to the homeless pets of the FVHA by signing up to make monthly contributions. Setting up any size monthly donation will help save the lives of animals every day.

The Roof Program

Help us keep the doors of the shelter open and a roof over the pet’s heads. Your contribution helps in part to cover the cost of each housing unit for one year. An acknowledgement of your generous donation will be displayed on our “roof sign” located in the main walkway of the shelter building. The cost to become a roof sponsor for one year is $225 for a dog sponsorship and $175 for a cat sponsorship.

Remembrance Plaques

Honor a loved one, friend or someone dear who has passed with a remembrance plaque. This plaque can be done in memory of or in honor of and comes in three sizes. In addition you can choose either $25, $50 or $150 dollar levels.

Donation Instructions

Donate online through a PayPal account by pushing the corresponding button. Or print the
Donation Form to donate by mail.

Anonymous Giving: To remain anonymous, please type “Anonymous” in the “Special Instructions for FVHA” section on the donation review page.

For donations in Memory of or In Honor of: In the “Special Instructions for FVHA” section on the donation review page, please type the name of the person or animal you want to remember or honor.Also, include the name and address to whom you would like an acknowledgement sent.

If you have any questions regarding your donation, please call (920)733-1717 or email finance@www.foxvalleypets.org.

Questions About Donating

  • Every donation you make to the FVHA is tax deductible.
  • We NEVER share or sell donor information so rest assured that your personal information is 100% secure.
  • You can request a report on your donor history at any time.
  • FVHA is a member in good standing of the Better Business Bureau.
  • Every dollar that you donate touches and improves the lives of the animals we serve.
  • Your donation is extremely important to the FVHA. We receive no monies from county, state or federal funding or funding from the United Way. The FVHA raises their entire budget each year through donations, corporate support, grants and fund raising.

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