Help Our Pets

Help Our Pets

We have some pretty amazing pets available for adoption at our shelter. Unfortunately, not all of our pets can be put up for adoption right away. Some animals need socialization, training and intense medical attention. We’ve created this page specifically for pets that need extra attention and care. Take a look at the current pets that need help!

Archie came to the Fox Valley Humane Association with two canine friends after they were abandoned by their previous owner. He is an absolutely gorgeous six year-old Golden-Doodle with a sweet and gentle demeanor and loving soul. Despite having been left behind by the person he loved and trusted, he remains a loyal and trusting friend to all he meets and deserves a chance at finding the family who will give him the same in return.

Before he can go to his new home Archie needs to have major surgery to fix problems with his rear legs. Although we have extremely talented veterinarians at FVHA, the issues with Archie’s legs are too extensive to handle at the shelter and will be taken care of at the Fox Valley Animal Referral Center. In addition to arthritis in both knees, our vets believe that both cranial cruciate ligaments have ruptured and will need to be surgically repaired. Typically this surgery costs approximately $6,000. Archie’s consultation at FVARC is scheduled for August 7 and we will update this page with specific details of his condition, surgical needs, and exact cost at that time.

We are also selling tickets to win 4 seats to a Packers game to help fund Archie’s surgery. Tickets are $20 each and are to win 4 50 yard line tickets to the August 10th Packers/Eagles game.  You can call the shelter or stop in to purchase.

The Fox Valley Humane Association is funded solely by donations, sponsorships, and fundraisers such as these. Without the help of our incredibly generous supporters like you, animals like Archie would not be able to get the help that they need or make their way to loving homes where they can live out their happily ever after stories.