Become a Foster

Become a Foster


The Fox Valley Humane Association’s Foster Program is a wonderful group of volunteers that help care for our shelter animals in their own homes. By placing animals in foster homes, we can help increase the amount of pets that come through our shelter. Fostering give pets a warm and loving place to heal, grow and flourish through normal activity, training and care.

As a foster parent, your role is to welcome pets into your home. We provide food, kennels, medicine and more. You can also bring your foster pet to our “Rover Done Over” obedience training class!

Why do pets need to be fostered?

There are many reasons a pet may need to be put into foster, some of the main reasons are:

  • Underage: We get liters of puppies and kittens that are often too young to be adopted right away. The young animals need some time to let their immune systems develop and to receive proper medical care so that they are healthy enough to go to their forever homes.
  • Sick or Injured: Animals that are sick or injured heal better at a warm, loving home. Things such as getting spayed or neuter or even more complicated surgeries such as orthopedic surgery are often done at the shelter. We often get animals healing from heart worm that need a quiet place to rest. We want our pets to be strong and healthy when they go to their forever homes. Foster homes are a great place to heal.

  • Behavioral: The shelter is always busy. If we’re not adopting out pets, we’re providing care and receiving new animals. The shelter can be overwhelming at times. All animals need attention and our volunteers do a great job, walking and visiting the dogs, but the devotion of a foster home really helps give one-on-one attention. Some animals come from abused or neglected situations, others lack the proper socialization to be adopted outright without getting behavioral modification. Foster homes are a great place to help train, gain some confidence and stability.

Canine Foster Application

General Information:

include area code
include area code
    This form tells us about your experience with animals, your lifestyle and why you think you’d make a good foster parent. Complete an application online or you may also download the application and e-mail to kblank@foxvalleypets.org.
    Once we review your information and approve you, we’ll send you an email to confirm that you’re in the program.
    Your final step to becoming a foster parent is setting up a visit with one of our adoption/foster specialist. We like to make home visits to see where our pets will be staying. We will also bring a packet of everything you need to know about fostering. This is yours to keep to use if necessary!
    Email Kathryn Blank at kblank@foxvalleypets.org for any further questions about fostering!