TNR Program

TNR Program

Low-Cost TNR

The Fox Valley Humane Association offers a low-cost Trap, Neuter, & Return Program for feral and barn cats throughout the Fox Valley.  A feral cat is a descendant of a domesticated cat that has returned to the wild.  Feral cats usually live without the contact of people so they do not make very good pets.  As a result, feral cats are typically not spayed or neutered so they in turn produce the next generation of feral cats very quickly. The TNR Program is available to community members that agree to become “colony caretakers” by providing the cats with food, water, and basic shelter.
Through the TNR Program, cats are caught in humane live traps (available for rent) by the caretaker or FVHA’s staff and then transported to the shelter. FVHA’s veterinarian team will spay or neuter each cat, administer rabies and distemper vaccinations, an antibiotic and three day pain medication injection, and an ear notch (a universal symbol to identify a feral or a cat who has been through a TNR program). All surgeries take place on Wednesday and Friday mornings. The cats are then returned to the area from which they were trapped.

TNR is a life-saving population control program that allows our feline friends to live as outside cats without creating a problem or adding to the already large number of unwanted litters of kittens and adult cats.

TNR Fees
$25 per cat/kitten

Humane Live Traps for Rent

Medium Traps: $30 each
Large traps: $100 each

*Note: All cats participating in the TNR Program must be brought to the shelter in a live trap for the safety of our surgical staff. They cannot be brought in a carrier or other type of containment.

TNR programs save lives and are the most humane and effective way to control the population of feral and free roaming cats. To learn more or participate, call (920)733-1717 ext. 108, email chaag@foxvalleypets.org, or visit FVHA today!


“I would like to thank the Fox Valley Humane Association for their TNR program. My husband and I live on a farm and every year we have kittens born out in the barn. We not only had inbreeding, but mom cats that would just walk away from their babies and then I would have to raise them. There was a lot of sickness in the barn, even though we feed them twice a day. Since we started bringing the cats in to to FVHA, we have very healthy (fat) cats, and this should be my first year without kittens being born in the barn.Thank you again. This program is a wonderful benefit for farmers who could never afford to fix a barn full of cats.” – Jeff and Shirley

“I have been supporting the Trap-Neuter-Return program (TNR) in cooperation with Vicki Prey, Constable, Town of Greenville, for about 1 year. I have two house cats which were part of a cat litter we found in the crawl space under our cottage, September 2003, in Gresham, WI.

When Violet and I retrieved the kittens, they were about three weeks old. Since we could not locate the mother cat, my family had to bottle feed, litter train and socialize the five kittens for about six weeks. At that time, I adopted two kittens, my youngest daughter adopted two and a friend of the family adopted the last kitten.

Although, it was a very rewarding experience to rescue the litter of kittens from the crawl space under our cottage, it required a lot of work, around the clock, (the kittens needed to be fed every 4 – 6 hours just like and infant), to meet the kittens growing needs.

When I learned of the TNR program, I concluded this was a much better solution to the feral/stray cat population problem compared to depending the “random acts of kindness” by others or efforts by the “animal control authorities”.

I have been feeding the neighborhood stray and feral cats through each winter, then starting on the Spring, I begin to try and capture the cats/kittens put them into the TNR program, at the Fox Valley Humane Association, to control and reduce the feral cat population.

Although, my efforts are small compared to the magnitude of the problem, is very rewarding, when I am realize that I am making a difference in the lives of the cats I come in contact with.

I am grateful to the Fox Valley Humane Association, the veterinarians and their sponsors, for supporting the TNR program to humanely deal with the feral/stray cat populations.” – Herb & Violet