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Volunteer of the month – November


Volunteer of the month – November

Posted on Nov 5, 2015 by

Congratulations Bryana Wulgaert, FVHA’s Volunteer of the Month for November!

Bryana Wulgaert

Tell us a little about yourself:  I enjoy reading, learning new skills, spending time with my family and friends, volunteering and caring for my pets.

How long have you been a volunteer?  I have been volunteering since August of 2015.

Do you have any pets?  I have two cats, Charlie and QT. QT stole my heart one day while I cleaned his cage and he came home with me a few days later. I also have three Betta fish, Betta, Specter and Dexter.

Do you have a favorite FVHA program?  My favorite volunteering program is cat socialization. I enjoy being able to give cats some one on one time and hopefully give them a fun distraction while they wait to find their forever home.

What about volunteering do you enjoy?  I enjoy volunteering because I am making a difference for the animals. If they come from an abusive or neglected situation, I want to show them that humans can be trusted and want to care for them. I just want all animals to find love and a forever home.

What motivates you to volunteer?  My motivation to volunteer is my love of animals, especially cats. I wanted to experience something positive that allows me to make a connection with animals.

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