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Volunteer of the Month – January


Volunteer of the Month – January

Posted on Jan 14, 2016 by

Congratulations to Sandy Stumpf – FVHA’s Volunteer of the Month for January!

Tell us a little about yourself- I’ve beenSandyJan married to Jeff for 40 yrs. We have 2 children and 4 grandkids. I taught Pre K for 35 years and had a touch of primary art classes added into my schedule the last 8 years of teaching. I love the outdoors with activities of fishing, walking in the woods, gardening, feeding the birds…but what makes me happiest is helping others.

 How long have you been a volunteer?  I have been volunteering at the shelter since November of 2008.   

Do you have any pets? We have 2 dogs: Maggie, a Border collie and German shepherd mix, 13 1/2yrs. She came home with our daughter from Ecuador in 2004.I call her ”Doggie Ambassador” as I was highly fearful of dogs before we met her. Now she bumped Jeff out of his spot in bed. Then we have Wilma, a little Bassett Hound who is 8 1/2 yrs. She was adopted by my mom from FVHA. We took Wilma into our home when my mom became ill about 7 yrs. ago.

Do you have a favorite FVHA program?   My favorite program…hmmm…I love the whole place and what they do, but I must say the foster program. Not every animal can handle the shelter environment, so when one can get into a quieter setting and settle in a bit, I believe it helps that dog to have a better chance at thriving and getting a happy home.

What about volunteering do you enjoy?  What do I enjoy about volunteering? What’s not to enjoy? First and foremost…The tired feeling I may have at the end of a Tuesday, if we have full kennels and get all the dogs walked, this feeling is the best, knowing that the pups are also happy and tired because we spent time with them. On the human side, I have the 2 best buddies now in my life,”Tipi Jim” and Steve. We depend on each other to ”get er done” each week. I love hooking up with them on the road and having our monthly potlucks on the 2nd Tuesday of the month. We even call each other if we have to miss a Tuesday or will be late. And I must not forget our Jonah and his supervisor Kim who also help to get those doggies rollin’.

What motivates you to volunteer?  I see each week, when I return to walk again, all of the beloved canine cuddlies who have been placed into their new homes. This is what it is all about folks. This is what keeps me coming back. I have learned that even though there are undesirable incidences that may tend to bring an animal into the shelter, there are even better circumstances that will get them out…Thank you for letting me join in the effort to save the animals!

Thanks Sandy for everything you do to help the animals and humans at FVHA!  We couldn’t do it without you 🙂




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