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Volunteer of the Month – May


Volunteer of the Month – May

Posted on May 13, 2016 by

Congratulations to FVHA’s Volunteer of the Month for May, Carrie Sturn!

Thank you Carrie for all your hard work and dedication.  We couldn’t do it without you!  Let’s hear a little more about Carrie…

Tell us a little about yourself: CarrieSturn - Website

My roots are here in the Appleton area, but I like to travel too. I grew up here next to my grandparents beef farm. I worked in backstage theatre through high school and Tech College. I received and AAS in Electronics from FVTC, worked for an audio company, and eventually for an airline. After the maintenance base closed here, I took up volunteering at FVHA until I could find a new job. I eventually found a new job as a supervisor at Miller Electric, but decided to continue to volunteer each Saturday morning. Aside from work, I also am going to school. Going back to school as an adult has definitely been a different school experience than what I remembered from when I was 18. I am now in my last semester at Lakeland College. I should graduate with a Bachelor’s Degree in Specialized Business Administration with an emphasis on Human Resources at the end of the summer. My typical off day is filled with housework and errands, spending time with my niece and nephews, spending time with the dog, a little gardening, and doing school work. Vacations are usually split between travel and doing home projects. I am taking my first trip to Las Vegas this May.

How long have you been a volunteer?

I have been a volunteer since the summer of 2006.

Do you have any pets?

Currently, I just have one dog, a beagle named Bella Freckles who turns 2 years old May 21st.

What about volunteering do you enjoy?

My typical work day is filled with meetings, interviewing people to hire, moving manpower around to make sure production is getting out, and talking with the people in production, so spending time with the dogs gives me a break away from people.

What motivates you to volunteer?

The dogs are always happy to see me.

Thanks again Carrie!

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