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Volunteer of the Month – December


Volunteer of the Month – December

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Rex is a wonderful man and volunteer! Thank you for all your hard work!

Tell us a little about yourself –Hi my name is Rex A. Brockman and I was born in Belvidere, Illinois. Belvidere is located 28 miles south of Clinton, Wisconsin. Belvidere is noted for the Chrysler plant that was built in 1965 and still going strong today. We had a tornado hit the
south side of Belvidere on April 21, 1967 and slammed into our brand new high school. When the tornado finally passed through we had 26 people that died. Seventeen of these children were on school buses just arriving at the high school. In 1968 we had Miss Judy Ann Ford crowned as Miss America and she lived two blocks south of where I lived. We moved to Wisconsin on December 29, 1984 with our 1-month-old daughter, three cats and a dog. We lived in Freedom and I worked in Gillett. I commuted 80 miles for 24 1/2 years before getting permanently laid-off. We made circle tops for Anderson window along with other types of windows. I have a daughter that has a Master’s degree in Nursing and a son that works for Tundraland. He installs all types of windows. I have two gorgeous granddaughters Kamryn who is 6 yrs. old and Lauryn who is 3 1/2. My daughter is expecting number 3 on April 12, 2017.

How long have you been a volunteer? I have been a volunteer for over a year and a half.

Do you have any pets? I have an American short hair male cat named Titus. I call him my tuxedo cat.

What about volunteering do you enjoy?  My joy is when I come in and hopefully see new faces. That means that the pets that were there have found new forever homes.

What motivates you to volunteer? What motivates me to volunteer is when I watch ASPCA and/or their commercials on t.v. and these animals don’t have a voice on the situation that they’re in. Human beings can be very inhumane and the greed for making money. We need stricter laws on the books.

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