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August Volunteer of the Month


August Volunteer of the Month

Posted on Aug 29, 2018 by

This month our Volunteer of the month is Emily Townsend. Emily and her husband have been volunteering for one year. They have 4 cats – Leo, Oreo, Finn, and Panda, out foster fail. Plus fish and a hamster named Pumpkin. Because they have cats,they love the cat fostering program. They love being able to play with kittens everyday. The only downside of fostering is having to give them up. Emily likes being able to help animals. Fostering gives her and her husband the ability to be with cats everyday without getting too close. “Plus, we get to ‘rent’ kittens over and over again” they said. They love being able to give them a good home to start life in, and they give us tons of cuteness, snuggles, and playfulness.


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