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Feral & Community Cats

Feral & Community Cats

Feral and Community Cats

A community cat refers to a cat that lives outdoors, is unowned and free-roaming and may be feral or friendly. Colony cats that survive kittenhood have an average lifespan of 2 years without a caretaker, though they may live up to 10 years if a caretaker is present.

Ear-Tipping is essential to colony cats as it is the most widely accepted way of marking a fixed and cared for community cat. Ear-tipping is the humane method of surgically removing the tip of the left ear by a veterinarian at time of their spay/neuter surgery.

Living with Community Cats

Whether you’re frustrated by the feral cats in your neighborhood or you’re looking to become a caretaker for them, here’s some useful information on how you can manage it.


Resources for Community Caretakers:

Top Ten Tips for Caring for Ferals in the Winter


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