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News & Events

Drive Up Vaccine Clinic – Saturday, February 13th!

Event will be from 10am – 3pm

We are offering a drive up vaccine clinic for our community! If your pet is in need of a Rabies, Distemper, or Bordetella (dogs only) vaccine, we can help you for a low cost during this event. Please read on for details and instructions for attending. You can also download the Consent Form ahead of time if you would prefer, please bring this with you the day of the event.

Instructions for attending:

Come prepared to stay in your car and wait in line, fill out paperwork completely. Cash/Debit/Credit will be accepted, no checks. Proceed to the end of the line and wait for your turn.

If you wish for your pet to receive a 3 year Rabies vaccine, you MUST show proof that it has previously received at least one Rabies vaccine. If you do not have it with you, your pet will receive a 1 year Rabies Vaccination.

Please wear a mask as you enter the parking lot and please stay home if you are not feeling 100% well or have a fever. If your pet is not 100% well, keep it home. This is a vaccination event. The veterinarian will not have time to diagnose or treat sick animals at this event and is unlikely to vaccinate a sick animal.

Please have your dog(s) on a leash and your cat(s) in a carrier. Please remain in your car. Your pet will be taken into the building by our volunteers, receive a basic physical and the vaccines you have purchased will be administered. Please be realistic about whether your animal will be amenable to this process or not.  If we feel we cannot safely take your animal into the building and administer the injection(s), we reserve the right to refuse to do it. FVHA will not be responsible for escaped animals. Please make sure you can safely restrain them prior to opening your car door. If you need a carrier for your cat, please request one when you fill out paperwork and we will try to accommodate. The best plan would be to obtain or borrow one before putting your cat in your vehicle.

Rabies certificates and Receipts will be mailed to you during the week after the clinic.

THANK YOU for your participation and cooperation! Prices below. Please call Vicki and leave a message if you have questions 920-733-1717 ext 113, or email humaneofficer@foxvalleypets.org.

Dogs Cats
Rabies                                                       $15 Rabies                                                         $15
DAPPV (Distemper)                                $15 FVRCP (Distemper)                                   $15
Bordetella (Kennel Cough)                    $15 Microchip                                                   $20
Microchip                                                  $20



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