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February 2022

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“The traditional approach of pet intake does not have to be the standard that everyone chooses.” – Dr. Jim Ziegler


“Animals like Renji are a prime example of the rewarding work we are able to accomplish with your support.” – Ren Luoma










March 2022

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“Sometimes we all need to be reminded of the obvious. I always say that the biggest problem with animals is that they act like animals. It is up to us to accept that fact and to work through the trials and tribulations of learning to co-exist. Which brings up a good point. There are perfect pets. What makes them perfect are owners who accept their imperfections.”   – Dr. Jim Ziegler


“Boo the Cat was found at the saw mill weighing a little over 5 pounds, with an injured tail, and frost-bitten ears. The owners at the saw mill were very concerned about her condition and that their mill cats were not welcoming her into the fold. Luckily, Boo had a microchip, so we were able to contact her owner.” – Vicki Prey



April 2022

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“Ever since accepting the director position at FVHA almost a year ago, I have been asked numerous times what made me decide to leave private practice to work for a nonprofit animal rescue. My standard answer has been, “To pursue a higher purpose in life”. When the opportunity to work for FVHA in a leadership position presented itself, it was an opportunity that I felt a needed to try” – Dr. Jim Ziegler


“Alouette came into us as a stray back in the beginning of January of this year. It was clear she had a severe tail wound and injury to her back end. Upon examination, our vets found her pelvis to be fractured and the wound on her tail was extremely infected. Due to her pain and fear level, it was uncertain whether or not she was feral” – Ren Luoma




May 2022

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“You never know what dog is going to walk into your life one day and change everything, but I could not be happier that Dave did just that.” – Natasha Kim


“She has become very affectionate and expressive since she first got here. Her love and curiosity have been a great comfort in these stressful times of school coming to an end for the semester.” – Aliber Garcia

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