The FVHA foster care program is crucial for rehabilitating and caring for animals that are not yet ready for adoption. During their time with you, the animals will be prepared for their permanent placement when they come back to the shelter.

Fostering kittens is generally a 2-10 weeks commitment depending on their age when they first arrive in your foster home. You can plan on spending up to 8 hours a day on your fosters; the younger they are, the more attention they will need. Foster parents need to be patient and be able to provide and stable constant routine for their foster “children” as they work through their various needs.

Foster families provide a warm and caring home for our animals while they grow and become more confident. Being a foster can be one of the most difficult but rewarding volunteer experiences, and we are always here to share those with you.

Get Started:

Step 1: Complete an online foster application below. You may also download the application.
Step 2: Meet with the foster care coordinator.