Volunteer Application - Adult (Age 18+)
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Volunteer Insurance Waiver - By checking this box and typing my name in the signature line below, I am electronically signing this agreement:

I understand that the Fox Valley Humane Association requires the assistance of volunteers in conducting its various programs. It is my desire to further the work of the Association by performing services as a volunteer. I undertake to perform these services without compensation, and in performing my services, I acknowledge that I am not acting as an employee of the Association. I will not hold the Association liable for any personal or property damage I may incur while performing volunteer services. I agree to conform to the Association’s policies and procedures while volunteering. I agree to hold all information shared with me while volunteering at FVHA in strict confidence.

Confidentiality Agreement - By checking this box and typing my name in the signature line below, I am electronically signing this agreement:

This confidentiality agreement is required for the protection of Fox Valley Humane Association (FVHA) and in recognition that employees/volunteers/board members of FVHA may either acquire or observe documents, or overhear conversation, or information that is private and confidential in nature. Accordingly the undersigned employee/volunteer/board member agrees that if he or she comes into possession of either written or oral information of any kind about FVHA, its employees/volunteers/board members, or clients as the result of employment/volunteer/board work with FVHA, the undersigned agrees to keep all such information confidential and not disclose or publish this information to any person unless expressly permitted in writing by FVHA Executive Director or President of the Board of Directors. It is acknowledged that this Agreement is not only for the protection of FVHA and its clients regarding their confidential information but the Agreement is also a reminder to the undersigned that inappropriate disclosure of such confidential information by the undersigned could expose the undersigned to liability or claims if the disclosure of such information cause either monetary damage or other irreparable harm to FVHA or its clients.