Front Desk Assistant: Welcome guests and friends to the shelter. Assist the front desk with clerical work and phones during open hours.

Dog Walking & Enrichment: Walk dogs during designated hours, work alongside staff on dog enrichment.

Cat Socialization: Socialization can be done with our cats during our open hours- gentle socialization is very beneficial for some of our shyer cats.

Small Mammal Socialization: Our critters love having visitors and meeting new people while they are at our shelter waiting to be adopted.

Cat Cleaning: Cleaning of our social rooms is offered from 7am – 9am every day of the week.

Shelter Maintenance: Assistance with various tasks around our facility, including our daily dishes and laundry, lawn maintenance, and landscaping.

Other volunteer opportunities will become available on an as-needed basis, so check back often if none of these activities are of interest to you! You are welcome to fill out a Volunteer Application to be processed at another time, but please note that our Volunteer Coordinator will not be processing applications for those interested in activities that are not a priority for us at this time, and therefore you will likely not get a response right away.