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Happy Tails

Happy Tails

We love happy tails!

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CoCoa Puff

An Update on CoCoa Puff (DwarfDitch Bunny) who is named Ashton now 😉 Ashton was shy when he first was welcome in my home. He is such a funny character who likes to tease his momma, big sis but loves to cuddle with his big brothers, momma and sis too. His favourite past time when he hanging with the family is playing hide/go seek and tag with his big sister besides cuddling. Just know Ashton is very much loved and fits right in. Oh, when he is bored and wants attention he will play dead 😉


Recently,  Yogi, my guinea pig, lost both his cage mates in a short time. He was sad and lonely. I looked for another senior guinea pig to be his new brother. Bean has been the perfect edition. He is 4 like Yogi. Yogi has perked up a lot!  Bean is a good snuggle buddy and loves Yogi. Yogi has even taken a leader role, showing Bean the ropes. Bean is a love bug and loves all the toys, treats, and veggies I give him. Thank you so much for giving us such a great little buddy


We adopted Melonball and named her MaoMao. She is a perfect fit for our family and we love her very much already. We are very grateful for all the support and guidance FVHA gave us and for all the love and care FVHA gives the sweet animals there. You are all MUCH appreciated. -The Ebbesen Family

Meet Prince Patches

Patches came to Fox Valley through the bark bus.  He was so timid that he was placed in the Rebound Program.  The rebound program is the best.  They taught Patches to sit, come, heel, and lie down.  They had a nightly grooming routine.  I continued with their routine including taking a treat off my hand.  I’ve added shake.
Patches was still extremely afraid of everything, but was (and still is) an affectionate dog.  Not only did my husband & I become attached from day one, but also, my dog Bella and Patches bonded immediately.  Still Patches had a ways to go before he came out of his shell.  Thankfully, the caretakers at the shelter had warned me a few times.  I had our shy baby home for three days before he barked and that was at the vacuum. Affectionately, I called him our little couch potatoe because all he wanted to do was lay around.
We began tackling one fear at a time.  Since he loved dogs the dog park became his fun place.  People was a problem for Patches.  When someone came over he made a mad dash to his safe place, which is the small space between the couch and recliner.  So I invited friends over one or two at a time.  They were instructed to remain calm and not look the dog in the eye.  They sat on the couch and talked with me.  I slipped the guest a treat.  It worked, Patches would get curious and go to new person.  Next came any kind of noise from the microwave to lawn mowers and cars.  The biggest thing is in the house noises were ignored and he got use to them.  Outside noises were more difficult.  At first Patches wouldn’t go outside except at night.  I had to get up early to let Patches out before our neighbor started his loud truck for work.  I tried to make it fun for him outdoors, but really I have to give credit to Bella who showed him the ropes.  Now he goes out with Bella and barks at any dog who walk by–just like Bella.  

Our walks were another problem.  Patches refused to go and when I made him he would walk with Bella until something spooked him.  He would turn around and pull me home.  I bought him a doggy back pack.  At first, I thought it wasn’t going to work.  Then I remembered a dogs sense of smell.  This sounds gross to us, but to a dog it’s a piece of a delicious apple pie.  Patches carries the days poop and drops it off at the garbage corral when our walk is finished.  Each dog has a job to do, Bella leads us and Patches hauls out stuff in his back pack.  He now walks two miles a day.  

In took two months for Patches to become our happy little guy and he’s improving every day. Thank you for allowing us to adopt Patches.  We are grateful and couldn’t be happier.

From Foster to Forever

I got Cupid as a foster in December of 2016 but I knew from the start that there was no way I was going to be giving her back. She bonded with my older male cat, Oscar, almost instantly. She’s so amazing and sweet, my whole family fell in love. We adopted her officially in February of 2017. Since then I have fostered 12 other kittens and she has been amazing with each and every one of them. I’m grateful every day that I took her home as a foster back in 2016, and I’m even more grateful that my mom let me keep her : )

Two Dogs... Two Amazing Dogs

We adopted Poke (formerly known as Mo) on 08/29/2016 and he settled in right away. He was one of the transfers on the bark bus from Mississippi. He’s a hyperactive ball of joy. He loves everyone and brings us tons of laughs and smiles. He was our single pup for almost a year until we notice that his litter mate, from Mississippi, Pepper (formerly known as Cocoa) was back at FVHA in the rebound program. We jumped at the chance to reunite the siblings. We adopted Pepper on 08/15/2017. Pepper fit perfectly into our family. They instantly clicked and acted like old friends who hadn’t seen each other for a while. Pepper is the biggest love bug and loves giving kisses. She is a goofball who is a little clumsy from time to time. Our two P’s in a pod (Poke and Pepper) are amazing and we couldn’t have asked for more wonderful dogs. Thank you FVHA for all the hard-work you do and allowing us to adopt these two hyperactive balls of joy.

Grateful for Scout

We have had Scout for a little over two years now, we adopted her Nov, 6, 2015. She is the sweetest dog and we are so grateful for her. She fits in well and loves a good long nap, exploring the dog park, training classes (espeicially the tunnel in agility) and loves to meet new people! Thank you so much for our precious girl!

Blessing in My Life

I adopted Maggie (aka Snowberry) in February of 2015. She’s now over two years old and has had a perfect bill of health! She has been such a blessing in my life and is a very snuggly, loving dog. We’ve done 5ks, skijorning, and she’s been a great dog to have while fostering other puppies.  I couldn’t have gotten more lucky with this girl! Thank you Fox Valley Humane Association for bringing her up from Mississippi so she could find her perfect home with me 🙂 Forever thankful!

Finding a Perfect Kitten

We adopted Dexter formerly Ambrocious a little over a month ago. He settled in immediately with his brother Klaus. He is the sweetest and most laid back kitten. We are so happy that we found him and could not be happier!

Our Two New Boys

Our 2 new boys are very happy, affectionate, and smart. It’s clear the people before us loved them(hoarding). We are very much in kitty heaven with our Kooter and Spud!!!!

Ford & Laura

My husband and I adopted both our rescues Ford, and Laura through the fox valley humane society out of Petsmart. They have changed our life, and we love them more than words can say! They are the center of our world’s. They both had learning curves to overcome as they both were abused and abandoned in Mississippi,  however they both had adjusted to life now enjoying endless love and kindness.

Blue Stole Our Hearts

My fiance and I were looking around for a dog to add to our family for quite a while. As soon as we saw Blue, our hearts melted, and we just knew he was meant to be a part of our family. We adopted him on August 18th, 2017 from the Petsmart in Green Bay. He is hands down the most amazing, and handsome dog you could ever dream of. I suffer from severe anxiety and he is a great emotional support dog. He is always by my side. Blue is very mild mannered, incredibly loyal and loving. Thank you to Emily and the FVHA for making this adoption a simple process. We couldn’t be happier with our fur-baby! He is already loved unconditionally and endlessly. <3

Found My Best Bud

Opie, formerly called Monroe, was adopted from FVHA in June 2015. His spunky demeanor caught my attention immediately, and now his cuddly, sweet side is catching up to his feistiness. Thanks FVHA for helping me find my best bud.

Finding Support in Adoption

I adopted Angel as my emotional support animal for PTSD and anxiety in July 2017. She has been such a wonderful little girl. Every day she is growing not only physically but mentally as well. We have come to find together that she is a huge sweetheart with all humans, she loves the dewy grass in the morning, chasing rabbits and birds, and running free with other dogs every night at our local dog park. Angel has given my days so much more light. She is always by my side and falls asleep with me in a warm and comfy bed every night. I am so glad I found my Angel.


We adopted Nash a couple of weeks ago.  He is doing well in his new home.  Patches welcomed him with open paws as Patches always does.  Things were a bit rocky with Snoopy at first.  We had to set up a second feeding station because Snoopy was guarding the food much as a dog does!  Snoopy and Nash are getting on much better now.  A couple days ago we noticed Snoopy was isolating.  When we found him, he wasn’t feeling well and Nash was lying next to him to comfort him.  Nash has a nickname already.  We call him Squeaker Toy because he has such a high pitch meow.  I noticed he doesn’t care to sleep on my lap but if I put a chair next to the recliner, he will sleep with me there..  Nash is still a tad skittish but he is came out the other day when I had a visitor.


We adopted Balto (Siamese mix renamed Kumo) over a year ago and he has been a great addition to our family!  He is the most loving cat and gets along great with our other cat and our 19 month old son!  We’re so happy to have him in our lives!


We adopted Eugene in early January. My grandpa had recently passed, and to cheer me up, my boyfriend suggested going to look “at the kittens”. We had no intention of adopting but the second we each locked an eye with Eugene we knew. We filled out the paperwork and took him home the next day. He has become somewhat of a superstar around these parts…always ready to pose for the camera. He is a happy, healthy boy that gets his fair share of kisses and cuddles everyday. Life has truly been different since adopting Genie. He runs to greet us at the door and puts up with all the hugs we have to give. Truly a sweet, well behaved boy. We are so thankful to the officers who rescued him. If it’s at all possible for us to be put in contact so we can thank them, we would appreciate it.

A New House, A New Pet!

When we bought a new house, in 2015, I promised my son a second cat.  We ended up with a black bobtail named Edna.  Ms. Edna is now Ms. Violet.  She is sweet and cuddly.  She lets you know when she wants some attention, always head butting your hands. She loves to watch the birds and hasn’t quite figured out what to do about the squirrels. My son picked such a lovely little girl to bring into our family.

Happy Tail!

My husband I adopted Cindy on Friday. Since Friday she has became a different dog. She has a lot of spunk and enjoys going for walks. Everyone she meets gets a wiggle tail wagging butt. Katniss who we got over a year from Fox Valley is adjusting quite well and will even cuddle up with Cindy. Franklin, who we got at the same time as Katniss, has been hiding upstairs from her. So we made some adjustments and moved some of the cat stuff upstairs. Hopefully he will come around with time. We got her for my husband and his truck, but she has not left my side since. Thank you.


My husband and I adopted Bowser (formerly known as ‘Frankie’) from the Fox Valley Humane Association through Petsmart in Green Bay in the beginning of May 2016. We looked for a kitten for months and finally found this perfect little guy! Bowser is a very curious kitty and loves to get into things that he knows he shouldn’t-but we love him so much anyway! He has a 3 month older brother kitty named Yoshi, and the two of them love to sprint around the house and play with each other. We are blessed to have found Bowser to complete our fur-baby family 🙂


We adopted Mya in March of 2016 and it’s taken me this long to get this in because she keeps us very busy! She is the funniest cutest little dog ever and also very cuddly. When we went to see her at the shelter we didn’t know much about her but she was so cute we just had to take her. She is a jack Russell/ chauchua mix so she is very active and endlessly entertaining! Here favorite thing to do is steal stuff and run with it and she is very fast! She loves to play with people’s hair too, very funny.  She is a bit of a diva too  as she will pick up her dish and take it in the other room if you make too much noise while she is eating! We walked in the Appleton Christmas parade this year too and that was fun. She didn’t have much training when we got her but she learned fast and is very eager to please if she understands what you want. We are very happy with her and she is happy as long as her conditions are met 😎 So thank you fox valley humane and keep up the good work!

Appllo and Deena

My fiancée (boyfriend at the time) and I had been looking for a kitten to be a buddy for his other cat Max. We had looked at a lot of other places and just couldn’t find the right match.  We were in Appleton for the day and decided to check out FVHA and see if they had our new furry friend waiting.  Upon arriving we noticed a couple good candidates and began to get torn about who we wanted. My fiancée and his roommate really wanted a little black and white, playful kitten at the time named Snowplow (now Appllo). I had fallen in love with a little tortoiseshell girl named Deena. Deena also only had a little stump for a tail due to an injury she had when she was brought in that required them to amputate it. She was shy and scared but I could tell when she got a little more comfortable she would be very playful.  Well, we ended up getting both of the kittens. My fiancée got a buddy for Max and I got my Deena (I call her my little bunny due to her tail). I was living in Green Bay and my fiancée was in Manitowoc. When I would go to his place for the weekend I would bring Deena down so she could play with Apollo and Max. We now live together in Green Bay and all three are best friends and play together. They also get along with our dogs and are an awesome addition to our family. I’m so grateful to FVHA for giving us our new fur babies.


I adopted Jackson 1 year and 3 months ago, he/we had a lot of challenges  to overcome (living indoors, potty training, being on a leash, manners/obedience, etc.) each day was a new obstacle but I wasn’t going to give up on him. I knew what ever life I could give him would be 10 times better than the one he came from.  I am happy to say that he has surpassed anyone’s expectations! The hounds leash I was so afraid to let go of now hangs around my neck as he walks at a heel by my side. He has evolved into such a loving, sweet,happy, playful boy that makes me laugh. Thanks to the Fox Valley Humane Association for giving me the honor to give this brindle boy a new life, he is forever home.


Welcome home Ava!!

Maybelle Jane

Miss MayBelle Jane! Thank-you so much FVHA & Carol! Maybelle Jane has won the hearts of both our 2 & 4 legged neighbors. She has brought joy to our 13 yr old Border Collie. And I can’t believe we were so lucky she found us!

Louie and Roxy

7 years ago on Aug. 21st your Lucky became our Louie (left). You were right when you said that he would hug you first before you could hug him! We are grateful to FVHA for the 7 years of hugs and kisses we get each day and we can’t wait for more. We were also able to adopt Louie’s now best friend Roxy (right) about 6 years ago from you. They love each other just as much as we love them. So thank you again for bringing them into our lives and for allowing us to love them unconditionally.

Merida and George

We adopted our two fur babies Merida and George at different times from Fox Valley Humane.  They are such a joy!  Glad they found their forever home with us!

Louie (formerly Jax)

Louie (FVHA name was “Jax”) joined our family a few months ago and he assimilated right in as if he has been a part of our family all along.  He got along with the other animals in our household almost immediately, befriending our youngest cat “Ed” and playing within the first 24 hours.  He is such an awesome cat and we are enjoying having him as a part of our family.

Chip (formerly Ranger)

We adopted Chip (FVHA name was “Ranger”) about 4 months ago.  At that time, he was a very shy dog that had much to learn.  I spent a little time researching his history to help me better understand his background and how we could help him grow.  When Chip joined our family, he didn’t have a name, didn’t know any commands and didn’t even know how to play with toys.  In the last 4 months, we have worked extensively and consistently with Chip to teach him “how to be a dog” and he has responded amazingly.  He has turned into the most affectionate, loving and well-trained dog a family could ask for.  He is such an intelligent dog and our goal is to keep teaching him new things so continues to grow and flourish.  We are so happy to have him as a part of our family and we cannot imagine our family without him.


One year ago today, my family adopted Cody, a little brindle plott hound mix who came up from Tennessee. Over the course of this past year, he has grown into the most hilarious, handsome and loving gentle giant we’ve ever met! He is now known as Trax and is totally devoted to his entire family, especially my dad. He loves to go for walks and car rides and play fetch in the backyard. He is also quite the conversationalist. His sheltie brother Otto has even grown quite fond of him. Recently, Trax got a new very best friend when my sister adopted from your satellite location at PetSmart in Green Bay. When Mac comes to visit, he and Trax literally run circles in the backyard and have the time of their lives. They even had a doggy slumber party this past weekend. My family is so happy to have welcomed Trax into our lives and we are so grateful to FVHA for the opportunity. Thank you so much for all you do! Here is a photo of Trax and his little buddy Mac taking a break after playing in the yard.


His name was coco but he likes the name Cooper better!! I am loving having him here and he is liking it too! We go for walks, he plays with other dogs and my roomate loves him! He has changed my life and I love him to death. He is kind and lovable, but likes shoes a little too much! But overall Cooper and I couldn’t be happier!


Balto is such a sweet and charming boy!  From the moment we brought him home, it felt like he was always a part of our family.  He is wonderful with our 6 month old son and our other cat!  He sleeps in bed with us each night and playfully chases our other cat around during the day!  I was a little concerned with his health records at first, but after changing his diet to all natural food, he has shown instant improvement!  🙂  We love our new family member!


Forrest, the cat formerly known as Targhee, is a huge sweetheart. He seems to be enjoying sleeping in as many places as possible, looking out of windows, and getting scratched under the chin whenever possible. He and I are doing great together and I’m so happy to have him!

Remi (formerly Nature)

Remi aka Nature is such a wonderful addition to our family! She is full of life and love to play. We are so very thankful for her everyday.


Letty formerly Gabrielle, has been an awesome addition to our family. She loves playing with her older fur sister Cooper. She is gaining the confidence and becoming her own person. She is also a snuggler and has been doing great with her potty training. Thanks Fox Valley Humane Association for saving her life!


Lena is doing so well in her new environment. Being an older cat, we were expecting a transition  but  instead she made herself right at home.  We rescued her with an eye problem but thanks to meds and TLC she is recouping very nicely.   Lena is beginning to play with her new  brother, Floyd and they are slowly becoming friends.  On cat terms, of course.  Lena is such a wonderful member of the family.  She enjoys being by our side and a warm lap when she can get one.  Plenty of purrs and happy feet follow.  She is such a wonderful member of our family.



Floyd has been such a delight around our house. He is rather talkative , even at 4am, but we are adjusting very nicely. His personality shines through every day to make us smile and love him even more! He is such an adorable little guy with a charm to melt your heart, even when he is misbehaving. You can’t get mad at that cute little face. Floyd made himself at home very quickly and has blended in with our family very nicely. We are happy to have him as part of our family.


Rush (formerly Zeppelin)

Rush, formerly known as Zeppelin, has been with his new family for well over a year now. His mom fell in love with him at first sight and brought her into her loving home at only 17 days old. Rush has grown into such a handsome little Cavy and he sure is smart. He likes to taunt his big sister, Koli, a Yorkie/Mini Aussie who doesn’t like having him around as much. He is very great with his older brother, Leo, a shih tzu. He likes to snuggle up with Leo and let him kiss him. Rush is very vocal when he hears the sounds of a lock-and-lock container, for he knows that his favorite snack is coming….Carrots! Rush’s family loves him so much and spoils him as he so deserves! They cannot imagine life without this little furball! Thank you FVHA!


Remy (formerly Rosalina)

Remi – formally Rosalina – joined our little family of two on January 23rd. Like many others, we went to FVHA just planning to look, as we (my boyfriend named Joe and I), were celebrating our 5 year anniversary the following weekend and were going to come back and take a puppy home then. But, we fell in love and had to take Remi home that day! Fast forward to the following Saturday after a lazy afternoon of cuddling on the couch with Remi, Joe said that we should take her for a walk. So we headed down the Wiouwash State Trail in Hortonville. We were a ways down when we thought it was time to head back so we stopped to rest a minute. Joe bent down to pet Remi and at the same time, pulled an engagement ring out of his pocket. As I turned around to see if they were ready to start walking, Joe asked me to marry him, and I said yes!! This was such a great moment in our lives together, and I am so happy that Remi got to be a part of it! Remi brings a smile to our faces no matter the day we are having and she is the best addition to our little family that we could have ever asked for!

Bucky and Daisy

We adopted Bucky and Daisy –  two 15 year old bonded pairs back in September, who had been at the shelter since 3/9/15. They are the best cats you could ever ask for they enjoy sleeping, getting lots of love, eating, being annoyed by their brother-dog (not to sure they enjoy it) sleeping, being spoiled rotten, living life to the fullest and did I also mention sleeping? Thanks for taking care of them for so long. We love them!



FVHA alumni “Albert” is loving life with his owner Laela. They are inseparable and have a strong love for each other.

Zola (formerly Tiffany)

We adopted Zola (formally known as Tiffany) on January 26, 2016. Since day one she has fit into our family perfectly! She loves to play, take naps, cuddle on our laps, sleep with us, and purr away (I think she’d purr all day if she could.) When we first brought her home she was scared of every single sound (the toilet,  the door opening or closing, us walking by, the fan) but now she’s getting used to everyday sounds! I’d say she’s making progress in leaps and bounds! We’d like to thank FVHA for helping us find our perfect match!



We got Tiger the day after Christmas and it was pure luck that I was able to get him. He had been adopted by another couple who were going to pick him up as I was dropping off my application to adopt him. The couple already had 4 other cats and after seeing I only had 1 offered to allow me to take him home. It took a little over a month to get him fully integrated into our house with Sassy. Tiger has been a great addition to our family and as you can see by the picture the boys are getting along great. Thank you for a wonderful experience.


Peanut - formerly "Polar"

Peanut, formally known as Polar, is such a GREAT JOY to our household!  So sweet, amusing, and playful! Did I mention soooo cute! 🙂 She has helped me get over my depression after losing my cat of 14 years.  THANK YOU FVHA, PETSMART ADOPTION & SUSIE ( who handled our adoption)!  We –and of course peanut– could not be happier! 🙂


We are so happy to have brought Bocifus home with us just over a month ago! He has such a good boy and has given us so much joy.

This is a picture of his 1st birthday. So happy he is home with us!

-Jeff and Ria

Diesel (formerly Buster)

We adopted Diesel, formerly Buster, just after Thanksgiving 2015.  He has been a wonderful addition to our family.  Diesel is quiet and well-behaved.  He loves walks and going to the dog park.  We are so happy he is part of our family.

Marshall - formerly "Max"

We adopted Marshall, formally known as Max in November of 2015. I first met him at FVHA in October, little did I know the first time I laid eyes on him that he was going to be the dog to mend my broken heart. My fiance and I experienced a tremendous loss in 2015, when we unexpectedly had to put two of our three beloved dogs to sleep in less than a months time. We knew that when the time was right, we would adopt again, and it would of course be from FVHA. Marshall has brought life and light back into both of our lives, as well as his new canine sister Sophie, who was also mourning the loss of her two pals she had grown to know and love for the past 4 years.

If you have never adopted, I strongly urge you to do so. Is it hard to lose your dogs as they grow old, absolutely, but all of the wonderful memories you make with them each day and knowing that you gave them a second chance at life greatly outweighs anything else. Thank you FVHA for helping this dog find his way “home”. ~Amy, Dan and Sophie


Stella has been with us since the end of October. She’s inquisitive, intelligent, full of energy and brimming with love. She’s been through lots of firsts with our family this winter, given she turned 1 in December. She loved the endless sand on the shore of Lake Michigan and  a little tenacious about the roaring waves splashing on shore. She came along on our annual Christmas tree hunt. With the first significant snowfall, she blissfully played as she chased toys and snowballs thrown for her in the sea of white.  We’ve dubbed her ‘Marley 2’ because she gets into EVERYTHING but at the end of the day, she can be found lying next to one of us on her back, paws straight up in the air. Wondering about this, we learned it’s the “roach” position; the most vulnerable of sleep positions for a dog and one that conveys trust and love. We’re so happy that Stella is so happy in her forever home 🙂

Bo - formerly "Nikko"

Bo is the best dog ever!  He is spoiled rotten by the kids and sleeps with one of us nightly!  He joined out family around Thanksgiving and today was the first time we had a shoe casualty…  We love him so much!

Buster Brown

Buster Brown enjoying his first Christmas in his furever home!

Violet - formerly "Dazzle"

My wife had wanted a cat for as long as we have been together. After a long stressful year our wonderful children and I, surprised her with Violet (originally named Dazzle).  From the moment she came into the meeting room we knew she was the one. After a week of learning who we were and testing out Marlee (our Boxer) she is one of the family. She’s been with us for 6 months now and I couldn’t be more happy that I finally relented and became cat person.



Fella is the best dog!  He and my son are two peas in a pod.  He’s extremely protective over his new family and we love that.  At the shelter he had no interest in toys and the day we brought him home all he did was play with all his new toys. Fella is very happy.


Tessa- formerly Milky Way –  has definitely found her forever home. Her and her little human have become quite the best of friends. She loves running around and chasing the ball with her little human friend. She came to us underweight and in need of lots of love. We are happy to say she has gained some weight and receives lots of love. Her little human picked out lots of toys and treats for Xmas. We can’t wait to celebrate and make this the best Xmas Tessa has ever had!


Hi, my name is Henry, formerly George. I was adopted on Dec. 11, 2015. I enjoy cuddling with my new mom and dad!


He such a wonderful, nosy dog! My dog Chocolate loves him, and my cat is OK with him too.  But he’s so happy to be at his forever home ♡

Sparky - formerly "Devi"

Sparky (formerly Devi) is doing great and settling in nicely with our other cat and with our family!  She loves to ride around on everyone’s shoulders and curling up on our laps.

Nayla - formerly "Vixen"

My new name means ‘I love you ‘. I am 1 years old & I have a new forever home!


Hello my name is Marley, also known as knuckles. My daddy and mommy adopted me in August of 2015. I have 2 fur brothers who are cats that I love to try and play with! My favorite thing to do is chew on everything in the house. I also love playing catch by myself in the yard. My first week with my new family was tough on me. I was scared of all the traffic that goes by our house, and the big train too. I like to snuggle up with on the couch and sleep with whoever is sitting on it. I am one crazy puppy who loves giving kisses.


I adopted “Buddy” as a senior companion pet 4 years ago from FVHA.  He was 8 years old at the time.  He and I are best buddies – – I saved his life and he saved mine.  One night I went to sleep without my CPAP (continuous positive airway pressure) machine, which I severely need any time I go to sleep.  Buddy was forcefully pushing me with his nose and pinching at me with his teeth. I said “ouch! what is wrong with you!” That’s when I turned over and felt that I didnt have my CPAP on.  After I got up and put it on, he was fine.



Kiah (was Mya) was adopted 1-10-15.  She is a “one-of-a kind” and has been a lot of fun. We were warned that her social skills needed some work so we’ve gone to obedience, trick, and dance classes as well as running with her Mom.  After 6 months we noticed her ears curling forward when we came into the room, her dog instructor says that means she is happy.  If I could curl my ears when I was happy–I would do it every time I was with Kiah.  Thank you for making it possible for us to have each other!

Becky & Greg


I’m happy to report that princess is a happy fun energetic 1 year old that loves her new home! I had resently lost my kitty and came to visit petsmart to get a ” kitty fix” as I love visiting weekly!princess just kept talking to me ! She loves her windows and her lazer  light and snuggling while watching movie ! So happy to have her here


Rocco is doing amazing!!!! He has a huge heart and tons of energy. His eagerness to please allows him to shine in puppy classes at clever k9s. He enjoys running with the other crazy puppies at the dog park, going to daycare, and going on car rides. When he’s not outside he loves to eat mom’s shoes, chase laser pointers, and antagonize his older smaller brothers Ozzy (dog) and Joker (cat). He is the perfect addition to our unique awkward family and brings a smile to everyone’s face. Thank you Fox Valley Humane Association for making this such a smooth transition and keeping Rocco’s best interests your priority! – Kayla


Hi all! We adopted Khali this past June, or should I say she adopted us!  Since then, she has gained about 13 lbs (still a little peanut) and weighs a whopping 27lbs 🙂  She loves napping, playing with her cousin, Vanilla Brice (she is a pitbull/vizsla adopted from the gb humane society) , watching the packers and running around outside nonstop.  She attends puppy play day every Wednesday where she has made many many more friends! She has to sleep under the covers at night, right on top of our feet, where it’s the warmest of course.  We’re looking foward to her reaction to snow, so stay tuned!  She just had her 6 month checkup and is healthy and strong!


We adopted Rosie about 4 weeks ago-and she is a beautiful,sweet girl, and so smart! She wakes our boys up each morning with kisses and enjoys long walks. We are an active family, so Rosie now has her very own backpack to help carry needed things on our hikes! She does great! My 11 year old can walk her and she is very respectful with him. Next on the list is having her join me on my short runs! She’s already done a half mile and did great! Thank you for bringing her into our lives! John, Amy, Evan and William 🙂


Best dog ever!!  We love her so much!!  When we got her 10/28/14 her name was Tabbie. We changed her name to Tess.  She was afraid of a lot of things like low flying airplanes, farm equipment and rabbits but she is getting better.  We also think that she is afraid of the dark.  She sleeps in our room until we turn the tv off then she goes in the hall where the night light is.  She makes us laugh and is perfect for our family.  We are very thankful to have her in our lives.

Sweet Pea

Our new cat Sweet Pea is just about perfect for our family of six. We all love her so much even though we haven’t had her for very long. My mom said she was not a cat person when we first brought sweet pea home, but now sweet pea likes her better then anyone else and my mom loves her more. She enjoys watching the birds and squirrels outside our big window and loves to chase shoestrings and yarn. Sweet pea also sleeps at the foot of our bed sometimes which we all like. She has learned what we do and do not want her to do like go on the cupboards. She does somersaults for us when we rub her stomach which is really weird but adorable. We have started exactly one fire in our fireplace since we got her and she absolutely loves it! She will lay in front of it for hours warming herself, we kept an eye on her though so she didn’t burn herself. She has gotten used to were everything is and is really good with her litterbox and food. I think she was a perfect fit for our family and we expect to have her for a very long time. – Julie


We adopted Felix in August I think. He was a birthday gift for my daughter. She changed his name to Felix Frodo. Frodo being a character from Lord of the Rings. He sure loves his new home. He is still very much a kitten and has more energy than our whole family combined! Our other two cats have accepted him as part of the family, too!!! – Kris


I just wanted to give you guys an update on Elyssa, who is named Penny now. She was given that name by the kids before we even got to the shelter. She is doing great and has taken to the family life wonderfully. She is sweet and very well behaved, especially for a puppy. Potty training was a breeze for her once she decided not to be afraid of the grass anymore. Thank you for everything you guys do for these animals. We will come visit some time. I have attached some pictures, enjoy! – Chris


Just wanted to say a great big Thank You!  Gus is really starting to enjoy his new home and of course we are overjoyed.  I am sending along a few pics of him.  We are taking him to American Animal Hospital today for a vet visit.  Because he is actually our third dog named Gus his name should actually be GusGusGus or G3 as my husband calls him but we just call him Gus. He is such a sweet boy.  We hope the pay if forward continues and that Skips is eventually adopted if not already. – Maribeth & Bill

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