June 13, 2023

Abby is doing FANTASTIC!!! She truly trotted in the front door, snuggled in, and made herself at home. She is definitely getting more and more comfortable; she is so playful and silly and makes us all laugh.

Although she doesn’t fully know it’s her name yet, we are working on it with lots of praise and a little treat motivation. She has learned basic commands like sit, wait, and we almost have “lay down” to add to the list!  We are learning how to walk nicely on leash. That’s probably the biggest thing, but we have training treats and are starting clicker training.

She is most bonded with our 3-year-old daughter, they are glued at the hip. It is the most beautiful thing to see. Abby and the cat have become friends after much hesitation (on the kitty’s side!) she is truly the perfect little fur baby for our family.

Her favorite things are snuggles (She snores!! It’s so cute), playing fetch, and going for walks to the park. She was very hesitant about car rides at first but is getting much more comfortable. We bring her most places with us, and she really enjoys visiting grandma and grandpa and playing with their dogs!

She is the happiest, sweetest, most loving creature. We love her so much!! I can’t imagine not having her in our lives. Thank you for all you do and for introducing us to our missing piece!