July 12, 2022

My fiancée (boyfriend at the time) and I had been looking for a kitten to be a buddy for his other cat Max. We had looked at a lot of other places and just couldn’t find the right match.  We were in Appleton for the day and decided to check out FVHA and see if they had our new furry friend waiting.  Upon arriving we noticed a couple good candidates and began to get torn about who we wanted. My fiancée and his roommate really wanted a little black and white, playful kitten at the time named Snowplow (now Appllo). I had fallen in love with a little tortoiseshell girl named Deena. Deena also only had a little stump for a tail due to an injury she had when she was brought in that required them to amputate it. She was shy and scared but I could tell when she got a little more comfortable she would be very playful.  Well, we ended up getting both of the kittens. My fiancée got a buddy for Max and I got my Deena (I call her my little bunny due to her tail). I was living in Green Bay and my fiancée was in Manitowoc. When I would go to his place for the weekend I would bring Deena down so she could play with Apollo and Max. We now live together in Green Bay and all three are best friends and play together. They also get along with our dogs and are an awesome addition to our family. I’m so grateful to FVHA for giving us our new fur babies.