July 19, 2022

Ariel, formerly Sav Blanc is doing great! She is truly a little blessing from God. She is so sweet, loving, silly, and playful. My three-year-old kitty, Elijah, and her started bonding already. I had them separated (Ariel in the bedroom and Elijah the rest of the apartment) and went to give her some fresh water and more food last week Thursday night, she snuck past me, and went straight to Elijah. They smelled each other, nose to nose, and that was it. Elijah looked to be happy, curious, and a little crabby at the same time right after. Happy to have a new playmate/companion, curious about her, and crabby that he now has to share attention and toys again.

He was then a little crabby the next couple of days, meowing and hissing a little if she tested the boundaries with him when I would have them together in the same room for a short amount of time. Now, they have been playing together, including chasing each other around my 1,000 sq. ft. apartment since Saturday evening. It’s fun watching a little 3 lb. kitten chasing a big 15 lb. kitty. Elijah has even started to give her little kisses too.

Ariel is so happy. She loves my big apartment, all the toys she has to play with, the big cat tree, and that there’s a lot of animals (birds, squirrels, chipmunks, rabbits, flying night squirrel, and more) to watch. There’s a small wooded area 10 feet from my apartment. I have attached a few pictures of her. My phone has been far from me each time there’s a good shot of Elijah and her playing together.