May 4, 2023

We renamed him Buddy! He wouldn’t come near me in the visiting room. I offered him treats and he would just cry and do this sad little howl. The ladies there said no one could get close to him. But the second he was placed into my arms he just melted. I think he just needed peace and quiet to feel safe.

The moment we got home he followed me everywhere. After a week he was snuggling with my daughter and myself. We’re on week three now and he is coming out of his shell more every day. He is so goofy and sweet. He loves chicken jerky and “guarding” the house with tiny growls. He is always rolling over for belly rubs. He is a little Velcro dog who is happy as long as he is near me, and I feel so lucky. We seriously can’t believe he is ours.

I knew he was special from the minute I saw his photo on your site. Thank you so much for saving this little guy and making our lives more complete!