September 6, 2022

We did keep the name Burger and everybody loves it! His first week he was a bit nervous, but after that first week his personality really came out and he kind of knew that everything is okay and he has a home he gets to stay at and be loved in! He still has lots of puppy energy, and we are working on chewing his toys instead of our couch when we walk out of the room lol he is very attached to my hip all day long and loves being apart of everything we do. We bring him to daycare here and there and that has helped him tremendously on how to play nice with both animals and people and gets lots of his energy out. As far as his two kitty sisters he is a lot more patient and in control with Winnie and they are starting to create a bond slowly. With Mary on the other hand, they are going to need some more time before being able to be in the same room for more than five minutes without getting too excited, but they are getting more comfortable with each other each day. I feel in the next month or two they will start to become friends. Baby steps!!

His favorite activities as far as play are tug and playing fetch with himself or is with his black bumblebee shaped kong toy (the only toy he has yet to be able to destroy after two days!! He’s had it since his first day and has not even made a mark in it with his chews. 10/10 would recommend to other families who have chewers.)  He also has to bring in a mouth full of grass inside every time we take him outside to toss around and play with, which just started about a week ago. Not sure why he does it, but it’s so cute and hilarious to see.