December 9, 2022

Hi all! I’m Lancer’s mom. We just wanted to update you on how she’s doing. We decided to name her Delilah, and she’s already learning her new name. She’s very smart and picks up on things very quickly. She’s also extremely friendly and has already learned that most people are very nice and only want to be her friend.

She loves sleeping on mom, and probably spends half the day just snuggling me. Her nickname has become “the land seal” because of the way she tucks her ears back when she’s excited. She gets along with her dog brother very well. They’ve finally figured out how to actually play instead of just jumping on one another and can spend hours wrestling. They have taken to sharing a food and water dish on their own, and there haven’t been any incidents of food reactivity.

She also likes her kitty siblings, but only our youngest kitty is interested in spending time with her. One of the first nights after she came home, I woke up with both of them snuggled together on the bed. She has also done very well with potty training and has even decided that there’s only one part of the yard she wants to use. She’s very neat and tidy.

She’s one of the most well-behaved dogs we have ever met. She comes when called, doesn’t take things that don’t belong to her, and is such a happy go lucky girl. Our hearts are so full having her around, and she has made us feel our family is complete. Her personality has really come out in the last few days, even up to her getting zoomies when playing with her brother. She is the perfect addition to our family, and we couldn’t be happier.

Thank you so much for helping us find our perfect girl.