July 19, 2022

Mort is doing very well. He has blended in with all my grand dogs and loves my grand children. He’s good to all of the children from the ages 3 to 10. He loves the attention that he has been given my one granddaughter, Megan, when she walks in the house. I am chopped liver as he runs to her and adores her. He did very well after all of his surgeries. He is such a gift to this family I think God every day for sending me Mort. I lost my Molly which was my best friend. She was a Boston terrier. My husband died six years ago and it has just been her and I. I have been very lonely without a dog. I have never lived without a dog until Mort came into my life. I am happy again and do not feel alone. Mortis a pleasure. When I look into his deep brown eyes, I can feel the love and I think he does really appreciate where he lives. He lives around Lake Shawano. He had a problem with grass as he wasn’t sure what it was, but now he loves it  I feed the ducks and geese. At first, he was not sure what that was but the ducks chased him a little bit and he got smart. He just comes and sits by my side and watches the ducks, they have finally left him alone to wander the yard. I thank you and everybody at the Fox Valley Humane Society for giving him to me so we both can enjoy our last days.