July 12, 2022

We adopted Mya in March of 2016 and it’s taken me this long to get this in because she keeps us very busy! She is the funniest cutest little dog ever and also very cuddly. When we went to see her at the shelter we didn’t know much about her but she was so cute we just had to take her. She is a jack Russell/ chauchua mix so she is very active and endlessly entertaining! Here favorite thing to do is steal stuff and run with it and she is very fast! She loves to play with people’s hair too, very funny.  She is a bit of a diva too  as she will pick up her dish and take it in the other room if you make too much noise while she is eating! We walked in the Appleton Christmas parade this year too and that was fun. She didn’t have much training when we got her but she learned fast and is very eager to please if she understands what you want. We are very happy with her and she is happy as long as her conditions are met. So thank you fox valley humane and keep up the good work!