July 12, 2022

We adopted Nash a couple of weeks ago.  He is doing well in his new home.  Patches welcomed him with open paws as Patches always does.  Things were a bit rocky with Snoopy at first.  We had to set up a second feeding station because Snoopy was guarding the food much as a dog does!  Snoopy and Nash are getting on much better now.  A couple days ago we noticed Snoopy was isolating.  When we found him, he wasn’t feeling well and Nash was lying next to him to comfort him.  Nash has a nickname already.  We call him Squeaker Toy because he has such a high pitch meow.  I noticed he doesn’t care to sleep on my lap but if I put a chair next to the recliner, he will sleep with me there..  Nash is still a tad skittish but he is came out the other day when I had a visitor.