July 19, 2022

HI everyone.  My name is Ramen.  I was finally adopted July 2nd after spending 3 long months at Fox Valley Humane Society..  Don’t get me wrong, I was treated with utmost respect and very well taken care of.  I just didn’t like being in a cage 24/7.  The day I was adopted I knew something was up because my caregivers came and got me and put me in a special room to be viewed by potential adoptees.  I was very excited!!  Lo and behold, in walked  an 80 year old lady and her Daughter.  They didn’t even look at other cats……just me!!   I fell in love with her and her with me.  They brought me home to her palace and I was finally free.  I love my palace!!  It has everything I need and more (even a pooping palace of my very own)  I hit the jackpot,  I like following her around because she talks to me softly and pets me.  I’m a very good boy (she tells me, and that I’m handsome).  I’m so happy now because I have my furever home!!!!