July 12, 2022

Remi – formally Rosalina – joined our little family of two on January 23rd. Like many others, we went to FVHA just planning to look, as we (my boyfriend named Joe and I), were celebrating our 5 year anniversary the following weekend and were going to come back and take a puppy home then. But, we fell in love and had to take Remi home that day! Fast forward to the following Saturday after a lazy afternoon of cuddling on the couch with Remi, Joe said that we should take her for a walk. So we headed down the Wiouwash State Trail in Hortonville. We were a ways down when we thought it was time to head back so we stopped to rest a minute. Joe bent down to pet Remi and at the same time, pulled an engagement ring out of his pocket. As I turned around to see if they were ready to start walking, Joe asked me to marry him, and I said yes!! This was such a great moment in our lives together, and I am so happy that Remi got to be a part of it! Remi brings a smile to our faces no matter the day we are having and she is the best addition to our little family that we could have ever asked for!