June 19, 2023

We are so grateful for the opportunity to welcome Scooter into our home and provide him with a new life full of love and comfort.

Scooter has become an integral part of our family and continues to bring a lot of joy and love into our lives. We did not change his name as he responds to it as well as it suits him. He has a tendency to scoot under things! We all just love him!

If Scooter could talk, I believe this is what he would say…

My name is Scooter, and I am an 11-year-old cat who has just been adopted by a loving family. The family consists of a mom, dad, and an older boy and they already have two Labrador retriever dogs.

I was initially afraid of the dogs and spent most of my time hiding under the couch. I would wait for the dogs to go into their crates overnight so that I could explore the house in peace. The couch was situated centrally, allowing me to observe any potential dangers without being seen.

The family noticed my fear of the dogs and tried to make me feel more comfortable. They relocated my litter box and feeding station closer to my hiding spot so that I didn’t have to stray too far. The mom spends a lot of time cuddling with me, which I love. I really like to make biscuits with her! I am slowly beginning to warm up to the dad and the son. I have been venturing out of my hiding spot to rub against their legs and play with toy mice. Over time, I believe I will get more comfortable with the dogs…well, maybe!

I miss my old home, but I really like my new home and I have a lot of space to explore. I would like to thank everyone at Fox Valley Humane Assocation for taking such good care of me until I was adopted.

Love, Scooter