July 12, 2022

Stella has been with us since the end of October. She’s inquisitive, intelligent, full of energy and brimming with love. She’s been through lots of firsts with our family this winter, given she turned 1 in December. She loved the endless sand on the shore of Lake Michigan and  a little tenacious about the roaring waves splashing on shore. She came along on our annual Christmas tree hunt. With the first significant snowfall, she blissfully played as she chased toys and snowballs thrown for her in the sea of white.  We’ve dubbed her ‘Marley 2’ because she gets into EVERYTHING but at the end of the day, she can be found lying next to one of us on her back, paws straight up in the air. Wondering about this, we learned it’s the “roach” position; the most vulnerable of sleep positions for a dog and one that conveys trust and love. We’re so happy that Stella is so happy in her forever home.