July 12, 2022

Our new cat Sweet Pea is just about perfect for our family of six. We all love her so much even though we haven’t had her for very long. My mom said she was not a cat person when we first brought sweet pea home, but now sweet pea likes her better then anyone else and my mom loves her more. She enjoys watching the birds and squirrels outside our big window and loves to chase shoestrings and yarn. Sweet pea also sleeps at the foot of our bed sometimes which we all like. She has learned what we do and do not want her to do like go on the cupboards. She does somersaults for us when we rub her stomach which is really weird but adorable. We have started exactly one fire in our fireplace since we got her and she absolutely loves it! She will lay in front of it for hours warming herself, we kept an eye on her though so she didn’t burn herself. She has gotten used to were everything is and is really good with her litterbox and food. I think she was a perfect fit for our family and we expect to have her for a very long time. – Julie