January 6, 2023

Topo Chico is doing very well. I maybe spoil him with toys, and he likes his little window perch. He explores everywhere in the house, and he gets his zoomies hour at night where he just runs all around both levels for a bit. He is still a cuddler and he LOVES his wand toys.

We call him a little highflyer for how much air he can get when jumping up.  He has definitely come out of his shell. He will still run away when we first get home, but he comes back out within se ones now and greets us.

He did have some potty accidents the first week, but we have worked through them and found what works best for litter and worked on training, and he hasn’t had an incident for a couple weeks now! I encourage families to try training and give it time if that happens to their pets.

He’s so cute when you pet him, his little tail flips up like a baby orca and he almost hops in the room sometimes. Very glad to have him as a part of my family!!!