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Howl-iday Sleepover Event 2021

Howl-iday Sleepover Event 2021

Howl-iday Sleepover 2021

Foster a Pup the Holidays!


We are excited to offer our 2021 Howliday Sleepover event to the community! We strongly believe that this will be rewarding not only for the dogs, but also for the community that is involved!

Due to the speedy turn over time in dog adoptions, we will be posting pet profiles the week of the event. Please keep an eye out to see if we may have a good fit to send home with you. Our staff will do our best to match each dog with whoever we believe is the best fit and cannot guarantee every applicant will be able to take home a pup. When the pet profiles are live, we will post a link to an online scheduling assistant in which you will chose a time to come in, list your first and last name, any pets in your home, and children and their ages.

Again, keep in mind that if we do not have a good fit for your household you will not be able to take home a dog upon pickup. All participants must sign up online through our scheduling app.















After you have been matched with your sleepover house guest, either a shelter employee or volunteer will share with you all the information that we currently have available at that time. Any behavior and medical history will be disclosed with you prior to taking your friend home. Please keep in mind that we have not had the opportunity to see how these dogs behave outside of the shelter environment, and they may act differently in your home.

By taking home a howliday sleepover guest, you can help in the process of finding their forever home! While the dog is in your home, we ask that you fill out a
“Howliday Report Card” to be brought with you when you bring the dog back to the shelter. This gives us information on how the dog did in your home, the things they like and do not like and anything else you may like the future adopters to know!

We also ask that you take lots of pictures over the holiday and encourage you to post pictures on social media. When posting pictures, please be sure to use the hashtag #FVHAhowlidaysleepover

When you decide to participate in our Howliday Sleepover event, you are also committing to care for the dog while they are in your home. Your house should be dog proofed to the best of your abilities and you should be prepared to provide the following while the dog is in your home.

  • Dog should be fed twice daily, with provided food. No table scraps please! Some dogs have sensitive stomachs.
  • Any necessary medication should be given as directed.
  • Fresh, clean water should always be available.
  • A comfortable space for the dog to sleep.
  • A crate will be provided, we recommend crating if the dog is unattended.
  • The dog should be kept on a leash at all times when outdoors, unless in a fenced in area.
  • Toxic household items, and small chewable objects should be kept out of reach (cleaning supplies, socks, shoes, etc.)
  • Trash cans should be kept covered.
  • Even if a dog is housebroken, please keep in mind that accidents do happen! Taking your dog out often for the first few hours is recommended until they learn where to ask to go out.

Please remember that we do not always know how a dog will do with large groups of people, small children, or other animals in your home. We are not offering dog meets facilitated by staff at this event, and ask that you do all dog meets slowly and in a neutral area. We have handouts that can be provided to facilitating a successful dog meet!

If any of the following occurs while the dog is in your home please contact our on-call kennel staff member. They will be able to assist you with troubleshooting what is happening, or assisting with taking the dog back at the shelter if necessary. We ask that you refrain from calling unless you are experiencing the following scenarios or feel it is an emergency.

  • Excessive vomiting or diarrhea
  • Bleeding from any part of the body
  • The dog is injured
  • Sudden change in behavior or temperament (i.e. aggression)
  • You observe growling, snarling, snapping or biting attempts.

Thank you for participating in this program! Together we can work as a community to find the perfect homes for the dogs of Fox Valley Humane!

Frequently Asked Questions:

  1. Will the dog I bring home get along with other dogs? We try our best to determine how each dog will do with other dogs here at the shelter. We will do our best to place our pups into foster homes that they are most likely to succeed in. All behavioral information we are aware of will be disclosed upon pick up. Please keep in mind that even dog social dogs will not always get along with every dog, and you should keep in mind the temperaments of your pets at home.
  2. Will the dog I bring home get along with cats? We often do not know how dogs will do with cats, we recommend proceeding with caution whenever introducing dogs to cats.
  3. Are the dogs at Fox Valley Humane housebroken? We can not guarantee that any of our dogs are housebroken. We recommend you take your Howliday guest out every two hours to establish a good routine to avoid accidents.
  4. What happens if I would like to adopt my Howliday Sleepover guest? We love when our fosters “fail”! If you would like to keep your sleepover guest, please just let us know via a phone call to 920.733.1717 ext. 102 to set up an appointment to do adoption paperwork.
  5. Can I take home a cat/other pet? No. Due to the longer decompression time cats/rabbits normally take to become comfortable in a new space, we do not believe it would be beneficial to the wellbeing of our non canine pets to leave the building for such a short period of time. If you are interested in longer term fostering, please apply through our foster page here. 
  6. Why can’t  I find the sign up? The sign up will be available the week of Christmas. Please check back on Monday December 20th to view our pups and sign up for the event.
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