The Fox Valley Humane Association is not licensed to rehabilitate wild animals. If it is determined that an animal is injured, sick or orphaned, contact the DNR or a licensed wildlife rehabilitator (listed below) immediately.

According to the Wisconsin DNR, “Never attempt to rehabilitate wildlife on your own. Wild animals can carry diseases that can be transmitted to humans and pets. They are also capable of inflicting injury to themselves or others as they fight to defend themselves against a perceived threat (humans!). They have very specific dietary and housing requirements that are not easily met in captivity. Plus, rehabilitating wildlife without a license is against the law in Wisconsin.

Until transport to a licensed wildlife rehabilitator can be arranged, any sick, injured and/or orphaned wildlife should be placed inside a ventilated container in a dark, warm, and quiet place away from human disturbances, such as children and pets. Do not provide food or water, as this can do more harm than good if the animal is not in optimal body condition or offered the wrong diet” (dnr.wi.gov).

For more information, visit the WI DNR’s Wildlife page or the websites below: dnr.wi.gov/topic/wildlifehabitat/orphan

Local Contacts:

For a list of contacts throughout the state, please visit dnr.wi.gov.
Contact the DNR’s Wildlife Rehabilitation Liaison at (715) 359-5508 if you are having trouble locating a wildlife rehabilitator in your area.

Aves Wildlife Alliance
351 Muttart Dr., Neenah
(920) 716-2790
Species:  All except hoofed

Bay Beach Wildlife Sanctuary
1660 East Shore Dr., Green Bay
(920) 391-3685
Species:  All

Chris Brotz
4321 Stoney Ridge Trail, Oshkosh
(920) 836-3734
Species:  Opossum, rodent/rabbit, raccoon

DNR (Wisconsin)
Toll Free 1-888-WDNRINF (1-888-936-7463)

The Feather
N5487 Buelow Road, New London
(920) 982-6578
Species:  All avian

Terri Hauser
7187 Angell Road, Oshkosh
(920) 915-1084
Species:  Opossum, Insectivore, Rodent/rabbit, bats, non-passerine, passerine, waterfowl, short-legged wader, raptor, upland bird, reptile, amphibian

Wildlife of Wisconsin
10915 Melonie Way, Cato
(920) 732-3918, (920) 323-5609 (pager only for emergencies)
Species:  All except hoofed, eagles and large carnivores

Wind River Wildlife Rehab
E8378 Weiland Rd., New London
(920) 982-6825
Species:  Raptor, eagle