Dog Surrender Questionnaire

Dog Surrender Questionnaire

Thank you for inquiring about using the services of the Fox Valley Humane Association to rehome your pet. Please fill out the below information and a member of our care staff team will contact you in 48-72 hours. The Fox Valley Humane Association aims to help as many animals as possible, for this reason, we focus on accepting at-risk strays and local owner surrenders. We help dogs, cats, rabbits, guinea pigs, birds, and other small mammals.

General Info


Dog & Household Information

Where did you get your pet?
If we could help you resolve this issue, would you consider keeping your dog?
Please describe the human family members your dog has lived with.
Your dog lives with or has lived with the following:
Describe your dog's behavior when it is around other dogs.
What vaccinations is your dog current on that you can provide documentation of?
Does your dog have any health concerns?
Has your dog ever bitten a person or got in a dog fight with another dog resulting in an injury?
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