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Bark Bus

All About the Bark Bus

Once per week the Bark Bus travels to overcrowded shelters in the Southern United States to pick up homeless dogs. These dogs, with otherwise uncertain futures, are brought back to Wisconsin where they are assured to find their loving forever families.

In a typical month about 300 dogs are saved because of our Bark Bus program. Our extremely generous lifesaving partners at Petsmart Charities have helped to make the Bark Bus program possible, and you can help to support its continued success by sponsoring one dog’s transport! The cost to pick up one dog or puppy from the South and bring it back to Wisconsin is $72.00, which is then followed by an average of $50 of veterinary cost for spay/neuter and vaccinations before he/she is available for adoption. That’s about an average of $122.00 per dog. Sponsoring a dog’s transport and/or veterinary cost can be a wonderful gift to a fellow animal lover, way to honor a beloved lost pet, fundraising project, or to help save a life if you are unable to adopt one yourself. Please call the shelter with any questions or to sponsor a transport today!

On January 26th & 27th, WHBY’s Josh Dukelow and Joey Dee embarked on a journey with the Bark Bus. The purpose of the 34-hour of the trip was to bring dogs from the Southern Pines Animal Shelter in Mississippi back to the Fox Valley to find happy forever homes. Here is a look at the journey. Thanks to the DePawsitory for help making the journey possible! Check out the video to the left!

If you are interested in helping the Bark Bus make a general donation! Thank you!



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Sponsor the Bark Bus

We cannot thank PetSmart Charities enough for all they do for our furry pals. The Bark Bus is sponsored by petsmart_charitiesthe PetSmart Charities. Without their contributions and support we could not save the hundreds of thousands of lives every year. Thank you!

Behind the Scenes

Go behind the scenes with our Bark Bus! See how we prepare to make the journey across states to pick up new furry friends! Our Facebook page has a full ablum filled with pictures describing our journey to a few shelters in Arkansas.

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