FVHA’s team of certified euthanasia technicians (as required by the State of Wisconsin Controlled Substance Board) perform euthanasia with the utmost care and respect for each animal. FVHA humanely euthanizes by lethal injection using sodium phenobarbital.

Every decision to euthanize an animal is made by a team of FVHA staff members, and is only when all other options have been exhausted.

FVHA is serviced by a private cremation service.

FVHA is a full-service animal shelter, therefore, a variety of animals come through our doors including cases of abuse, neglect, injury, and animals that suffer from severe health and behavioral problems. FVHA’s highly trained staff is here to provide the animals with the very best care and quality of life. Euthanasia is only considered when it is in the very best interest of the animal and community. FVHA does not euthanize for population or due to time spent in our facility and continues to find homes for 100% of the adoptable dogs and cats. FVHA’s spay and neuter programs, training and rehabilitation programs, educational programs and more have helped to dramatically reduce the rate of euthanasia in our community.

Yes. Euthanasia is never an easy choice; therefore, we offer low-cost requested euthanasia and a private cremation service upon request in hopes of easing some of the difficulty pet parents may face.