What age should I consider spay/neuter for my dog?

The conversation regarding the most appropriate age to alter your dog is ongoing and largely based on the breed and anticipated adult weight of your puppy. In general, for dogs who will exceed an adult weight of 50 lbs., there may be benefits to delaying spaying or neutering until over a year of age. While FVHA does not do consults for the proper age to surgically sterilize your dog, owners need to be aware that the recommendations for these procedures have changed in recent years. We encourage owners to research this topic and make a decision that they are comfortable with when deciding when to sign their pet up for the SNAP program (Spay and Neuter Assistance Program).

What age should I spay/neuter my cat?

We believe in the “fixed by five” standard for cats (all kittens should ideally be spayed or neutered by 5 months of age). However, cats of any age are candidates for surgical sterilization. Please click here for more information on our TNR program for spay/neuter of outdoor/feral/barn cats.

~Due to the demand for this service, pet owners should anticipate scheduling 1-2 months in advance for services. FVHA will do its best to expedite the process for you. Thank you for your understanding~

We require a $50 deposit upon scheduling, the remaining balance is due at the time of service.