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Therapy Dog Program

Therapy Dog Program


Paige and Caleb read to therapy dogs


Please note that Therapy Dogs are not the same as Service Dogs or Emotional Support Animals. Service Dogs are specially trained working animals who perform tasks for a person with a disability. Emotional Support Animals provide companionship and comfort to their owners on a daily basis. ESAs are prescribed by a licensed mental health professional like a therapist, psychologist, or psychiatrist. Fox Valley Humane Association does not offer training classes for Service Dogs, nor are we able to provide documentation to you for an ESA. We can certainly adopt an animal out to you, but further training and documentation will be needed to be obtained by you moving forward.


Fox Valley Humane Association’s Therapy Dog Program
You and your dog can become a certified Therapy Dog team through FVHA’s new Therapy Dog Program! As a certified FVHA Therapy Dog team, you can participate in FVHA community volunteer programs and together make a difference in the lives of others. FVHA’s Therapy Dog Program also gives pet parents wonderful opportunities to positively bond with their canine companion(s) while learning responsible dog ownership and training techniques. The classes and test are positive, fun, and educational experiences for you both!

TD Classes: (Not Currently Available) Therapy Dog training classes held at FVHA are optional and open to the public. Classes are $120 and will be 6 weeks long (first class is handlers only, no dogs). The fee in non-refundable and must be prepaid with paperwork. (No night of walk ins.) You can purchase a new Therapy Dog Vest for $40 and there is an option to purchase a used one for $20.

Class Schedule: No classes are being offered at this time.

TD Certification: (Not Currently Available) FVHA Therapy Dog certification tests are administered by FVHA’s own certified evaluator at the shelter throughout the year. Dogs are evaluated on temperament, basic obedience, and environmental challenges. Tests are $35 per dog.  This is a group test and the duration will depend on the total number of dogs being tested. Please note that during the test, treats may not be used and dogs may only wear buckle collars.

Click here to print a required registration form.

If you would like to register for FVHA Therapy Dog Classes and/or Testing & Certification, volunteer in the community with your certified therapy dog, or would like additional info, please contact our Volunteer Coordinator at [email protected] or (920)733-1717 ext. 111.

FVHA Therapy Dog Program Benefits

All handlers and dogs are insured under FVHA’s policy. Therapy Dog teams are invited to participate in FVHA’s community volunteer programs including:
Kids Reading to Canines
Hospice Program
Visits to locations including the Center for Grieving Children, schools, libraries, FVHA events, and more

(Please note: All Therapy Dog visits will be scheduled by FVHA’s Community Enrichment Coordinator) Certified handlers are recognized as dedicated and responsible pet parents Certified dogs are recognized as well-behaved and social animals

FVHA Therapy Dog Program Requirements

  • Dogs can be any breed or size, but must be over the age of one year.
  • Dogs must be spayed or neutered, undergo a health exam by their own veterinarian, and must be healthy and up-to-date on routine vaccines.
  • All handlers and dogs are required to pass FVHA’s Therapy Dog test administered by a certified evaluator.
  • Dogs must be gentle, calm, obedient, well socialized, and comfortable in public places with new people and other dogs.
  • Handlers must be 18 years or older, experienced, and have control of the dog at all times.

FVHA’s Therapy Dog Program is sponsored by:

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