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Thanks for your interest in supporting the shelter through volunteering! We look forward to having you join our volunteer team. 


Please visit www.volunteerfoxcities.org for information on where you can find volunteering opportunities to fulfill any Community Service requirements.

Volunteer Requirements: 

Once you have submitted an application and have been approved to join our Volunteer program, we will schedule an Orientation/Tour with you. Our orientations are given in small groups and are lead by one of our long term Volunteers. After orientation, you can decide if our program is right for you, and if you are interested in joining us, there will be a $20 +tax fee to be collected at that time. This covers the cost of your volunteer t-shirt, name badge and access to our online volunteer database.

  • All positions with the exception of Fundraising events and Fostering require a six month commitment. Volunteers are scheduled at the same time on the same day each week. Since we require a 2 hour commitment per week to remain in our Volunteer program, this will ensure that you’re able to come in when it works best for your schedule!                                                                                                            
  • All Volunteers must have a valid email address. This will be used to communicate scheduling needs, updates and all other necessary information, as well as how you will sign up for volunteer shifts in our system.   
  • Volunteers must be able to read and understand all policies and procedures, follow all shelter rules and complete all duties of their role independently. We may require that another individual comes to assist any volunteer who is unable to perform activities on their own.                                                                                                                                                                   
  • All volunteers must be 18 years old to be an FVHA Adult Volunteer. For those between the ages of 13-17, please visit the Junior Opportunities page.











Volunteer Positions Currently Available:

– Front Desk Assistant: Welcome guests and friends to the shelter. Assist the front desk with projects as needed during open hours. 

– Early Morning Dog Walker (7am to 9am): Assist our Kennel Team by taking each available dog for a short walk while their kennel is cleaned and reset. *Tuesdays & Fridays available only*







Get Started:

Step 1: Complete and submit your volunteer application!

Submit application here: Adult Volunteer Application

Step 2: Attend a new volunteer orientation. Our Volunteer Coordinator will contact you via email to schedule this with you. 


Other volunteer opportunities will become available on an as-needed basis, so check back often if none of these activities are of interest to you! You are welcome to fill out a Volunteer Application to be processed at another time, but please note that our Volunteer Coordinator will not be processing applications for those interested in activities that are not a priority for us at this time, and therefore you will likely not get a response right away.


If you have any questions or concerns involving volunteering please contact our Volunteer Coordinator at volunteers@foxvalleypets.org

Fox Valley Humane Association is thrilled to offer a volunteer opportunity for teens ages 13-17 years old. The Junior Volunteer program offers responsible and energetic youth a chance to learn new skills and enhance their dedication to animal welfare. This program will allow these volunteers to make a difference in the lives of the animals at FVHA.

*We do not sign off for court-ordered community service or school service hours requirements.*


  • Junior Volunteers must be between 13-17 years old.
  • Junior Volunteers aged 16-17 are able to volunteer with or without parental supervision, as long as the proper consent forms have been signed in person by the parent/guardian. The parent/guardian will be required to attend Volunteer Orientation with the Junior Volunteer as well.  Please note that the parent/guardian will be held responsible for the actions and behavior of the Junior Volunteer while visiting the Fox Valley Humane Association.
  • Consent and supervision is required at all times for Junior Volunteers aged 13-15.
  • An Adult Volunteer application will also need to be submitted for those accompanying Junior Volunteers aged 13-15 or the Jr. application will not be processed. 


Junior Volunteer Positions:

  • Greeting & Office Projects – Welcome guests and friends to the shelter. Assist the front desk with projects as needed. 
  • Laundry and Dishes –  We do approximately 93 loads of laundry every day!
  • Cat or Critter Cleaning – Maintain a clean environment for the cats and critters.
  • Fundraising – Create supplies and projects for fundraising programs.

We are always welcome to new ideas or projects the Junior Volunteers are interested in. If you have suggestions, please let us know.


In order to attend orientation, applications must be submitted and approved by the Volunteer Coordinator at least ONE WEEK prior to orientation. 

Complete and submit the application below:

Volunteer Application - Junior (ages 13-17)

Volunteer Insurance Waiver - By checking this box and typing my name in the signature line below, I am electronically signing this agreement:

I understand that the Fox Valley Humane Association requires the assistance of volunteers in conducting its various programs. It is my desire to further the work of the Association by performing services as a volunteer. I undertake to perform these services without compensation, and in performing my services, I acknowledge that I am not acting as an employee of the Association. I will not hold the Association liable for any personal or property damage I may incur while performing volunteer services. I agree to conform to the Association’s policies and procedures while volunteering. I agree to hold all information shared with me while volunteering at FVHA in strict confidence.

Confidentiality Agreement - By checking this box and typing my name in the signature line below, I am electronically signing this agreement:

This confidentiality agreement is required for the protection of Fox Valley Humane Association (FVHA) and in recognition that employees/volunteers/board members of FVHA may either acquire or observe documents, or overhear conversation, or information that is private and confidential in nature. Accordingly the undersigned employee/volunteer/board member agrees that if he or she comes into possession of either written or oral information of any kind about FVHA, its employees/volunteers/board members, or clients as the result of employment/volunteer/board work with FVHA, the undersigned agrees to keep all such information confidential and not disclose or publish this information to any person unless expressly permitted in writing by FVHA Executive Director or President of the Board of Directors. It is acknowledged that this Agreement is not only for the protection of FVHA and its clients regarding their confidential information but the Agreement is also a reminder to the undersigned that inappropriate disclosure of such confidential information by the undersigned could expose the undersigned to liability or claims if the disclosure of such information cause either monetary damage or other irreparable harm to FVHA or its clients.

We currently are not offering any group volunteering activities at this time. Our hope is to offer these opportunities again in the future, so please check back soon! 

There is an incredible need for foster homes for dogs in the Fox Valley area, especially dogs who don’t do well in a shelter environment or need one-on-one training. The love and individualized care a dog gets from a foster home environment greatly increase their adoptability. Our goal is to be able to recruit, train and support foster families for FVHA’s dogs in need of individualized care. In order to become a foster, we will do a background check and a home check to assure your home is suitable for a foster dog.

To Get Started:

Step 1: Complete an application online.  You may also download the application
Step 2: Set up a training session with a foster care coordinator.

The FVHA foster care program is crucial for rehabilitating and caring for animals that are not yet ready for adoption. During their time with you, the animals will be prepared for their permanent placement when they come back to the shelter.

Kittens are generally 2-10 weeks depending on their age range. You can plan on spending up to 8 hours a day on your fosters; the younger they are, the more attention they will need. Foster parents need to be patient and be able to provide and stable constant routine for their foster “children” as they work through their various needs.

Foster families provide a warm and caring home for our animals while they grow and become more confident. Being a foster can be one of the most difficult but rewarding volunteer experiences, and we are always here to share those with you.

 Get Started:

Step 1: Complete an online foster application. You may also download the application.  
Step 2: Meet with the foster care coordinator.

In order to manage your information, volunteer hours, and send messages to the Volunteer Coordinator, you’re going to need to access Fox Valley Humane Association’s interactive volunteer information center, run through Volgistics.

Clicking the link below will open the login page in a new window.

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Fox Valley Humane Association - Volunteer
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