The Fox Valley Humane Association aims to help as many animals as possible, for this reason, we focus on accepting at-risk strays and local owner surrenders. We help dogs, cats, rabbits, guinea pigs, birds, and ferrets. Please call us at 920-733-1717 if you have questions concerning an animal.

If you have an animal emergency, contact your local non-emergency police department or town constable. Otherwise, please call us and leave a message. We will return your call in 24-48 hours.

No. FVHA is a private, locally managed and operated non-profit organization. Our annual budget is in excess of $1,000,000 per year. We are not funded by the Humane Societies of the United States, and receive no tax dollars or state or national funding. We raise our entire budget each year through private donations, fundraisers, corporate support, service contracts, and adoption fees. 95% of every dollar contributed goes directly to program services and the care of shelter animals.

We have a number of opportunities available for individuals, groups, and businesses! Monetary donations are vital as FVHA needs to raise over $1,000,000 annually to care for the animals and support our many programs. You may also view our WISH LIST to learn about specific items needed at FVHA. Volunteers are also a key factor in the success of the shelter! There are a variety of ways to volunteer your time at the FVHA. Visit our VOLUNTEER OPPORTUNITIES page for more details. For more ways to help, visit the GET INVOLVED portion of our website or contact us at (920)733-1717 or Thank you!

There is no set time limit. Each animal is evaluated on an individual basis to see how they are adjusting to the shelter environment. Each animal’s physical and emotional well-being is our utmost priority. 

FVHA charges a small fee to cover the most basic cost of caring for your animal during his or her stay at the shelter. To learn more about this fee, see our ANIMAL SURRENDER & REHOMING page. 

The State of Wisconsin (SS. 173.23) requires that stray animals be held four days to allow the owner an opportunity to claim the animal. If the animal is not claimed during that time, it becomes the property of FVHA and can be placed for adoption.

Call your local law enforcement, or Outagamie County Humane Officer (Vicki – 920.733.1717 ext. 113)

We have staff on call 24 hours a day, 365 days a year, for animal welfare emergencies. All area law enforcement authorities have access to our mobile phone and pager numbers.

We feel the Fox Valley is fortunate to have many excellent veterinary clinics. Visit the Local Veterinary Clinics page to see a select list local clinic.

No. The Fox Valley Humane Association is an animal welfare organization. Our purpose is to prevent cruelty to animals, relieve suffering among animals, and to extend humane education.

FVHA’s team of veterinarians monitor the health of each animal during their stay at the shelter. Each animal is vaccinated and receives a basic health exam. Many conditions are treated in the shelter’s own surgical suite.

In order to be considered a no-kill shelter, a shelter needs to achieve a 95% live release rate. This does mean that some pets are euthanized. While euthanasia is never an outcome of choice, some animals may have severe health or behavioral problems that a positive outcome is not feasible. In these situations, humane euthanasia can prevent further suffering, and even ensure human safety. The decision to euthanize is never easy, and it is only performed after all other options have been exhausted.

FVHA works hard to maintain a no-kill status.  

FVHA’s team of certified euthanasia technicians (as required by the State of Wisconsin Controlled Substance Board) perform euthanasia with the utmost care and respect for each animal. FVHA humanely euthanizes by lethal injection using sodium phenobarbital.

Every decision to euthanize an animal is made by a team of FVHA staff members and is only when all other options have been exhausted.

FVHA is serviced by a private cremation service.

FVHA is a full-service animal shelter, therefore, a variety of animals come through our doors including cases of abuse, neglect, injury, and animals that suffer from severe health and behavioral problems. FVHA’s highly trained staff is here to provide the animals with the very best care and quality of life. Euthanasia is only considered when it is in the very best interest of the animal and community. FVHA does not euthanize for population or due to time spent in our facility and continues to find homes for 100% of the adoptable dogs and cats. FVHA’s spay and neuter programs, training and rehabilitation programs, educational programs and more have helped to dramatically reduce the rate of euthanasia in our community.

Yes. Euthanasia is never an easy choice; therefore, we offer low-cost requested euthanasia and a private cremation service upon request in hopes of easing some of the difficulty pet parents may face.

FVHA follows a euthanasia protocol of first heavily sedating the pet to alleviate any fear and stress they might be feeling. Once sedated, an intravenous dose of a strong anesthetic agent is given, which quickly stops the heart.

Unfortunately, FVHA does not allow owners to be with their pet during this process. Our facility does not accommodate extra people in our euthanasia room, and our euthanasia technicians are not trained to deal with the variety of emotions encountered during the loss of a pet.

Owners are allowed to view their pet once the euthanasia procedure is complete if this is important to them.