July 27, 2022

We are so happy you have come to the Fox Valley Humane Association for your new pet. Our goal is to make this a happy and positive experience for everyone.

Adoption Numbers in 2021:
  • 4,783 animals came through the doors of FVHA and received care at our facility
  • 251 dogs were adopted
  • 658 cats were adopted
  • 129 guinea pigs, rabbits and other small mammals were adopted
In addition to our adoption program, we also offer medical services to the public and other shelter and rescue groups. Last year,
  • 1172 community cats received TNR services
  • 643 animals visited our low-cost vaccination clinics
  • 298 cats, dogs and rabbits received low-cost surgical services in our wellness department
  • 884 animals owned by other shelters/rescues received veterinary care through our medical department
We see everything from owner surrenders to strays, transfers and animals that visit our medical department. Although their paths are different, every animal receives top notch and compassionate care with our dedicated team.
  • In 2021, we also took in 862 stray animals and had the honor of reuniting 362 of them with their owners.